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At the start of every new year, many of us assess our physical, emotional and professional states. If your goals include a new international job, get ready by testing your knowledge of some of the differences in interviewing around the world. Good luck! (Answers appear on a separate page.)

#1   You're a candidate for a position in South Korea. The recruiting process starts with a written examination, which you passed with flying colors. Next comes the interview…

TRUE OR FALSE?   During the interview process, your potential employer may ask you to have a "face reading."

#2   You apply for a job with a German company and land an interview on Tuesday morning. Your potential new boss conducts your interview in fairly good English. He tells you that the firm was "grounded" two years ago; that he will "prove" your resume; and that he will be in his office "until" 9 am on Friday if you would like to call. What does he mean?

A.   The firm is located in an underground facility; he intends to check the dates on your resume for numerological significance; and he is inviting you to contact him by Friday.

B.   The firm went bankrupt two years ago; he is a mathematician and will prove or disprove every date and number in your resume; and he is testing you to see if you will call before Friday.

C.   The firm was founded two years ago; he will check your references; and he will be back in his office on Friday at 9 am if you would like to call.

#3   TRUE or FALSE?   Your gray hair and wrinkles are an asset when interviewing for an executive position in Ghana.

#4   You are the most qualified candidate for a job in Bolivia. However, you sense that your interview didn't go well and you don't get the job. What went wrong?

A.   The job probably went to another person who may have been less qualified, but was a relative of the boss.
B.   Your interview was on a Tuesday the 13th, a bad-luck day.
C.   When you filled out your application, the interviewer saw that you were left-handed.
D.   All of the above are possible reasons for not getting the job.

#5   Global security and governmental positions often require security clearances that involve extensive background checks. Match the line of investigation with the conclusion:


A)   Your lifestyle exceeds your income.

1)   You can be trusted with secrets.


B)   You have many old friends and are close to your family.

2)   You can be blackmailed.


C)   You have questionable predilections or an old criminal record.

3)   You can be bribed.

#6   TRUE or FALSE?   In Japan, a classified ad can include the physical attributes desired for a corporate female employee.

#7   When you schedule an interview in Thailand, you might want to double-check the time of your appointment. Why?

A.   Foreigners are so enraptured by Thailand that they lose all track of time.
B.   Thai people divide the day into seven segments, which can be confusing to foreigners.
C.   The government of Thailand keeps changing the schedule for daylight savings time.

#8   As a physician in the United States, your illegible scrawl might have raised some eyebrows, but it was always accepted without question. It comes as a surprise that during the interview process for a medical research position in France, you're asked to write out an essay by hand, which isn't going to be analyzed for content, but for your handwriting.

TRUE or FALSE?   The study of handwriting is an accepted employment evaluation tool in France.

#9   In which country will your family and social standing be key to a new job?

A)   The United States
B)   Mexico
C)   Australia

#10   Child labor, graft, price fixing, copyright infringement, and sexual harassment are all illegal in the US.

TRUE or FALSE? If you're trying to hire new employees for your facility in the Indian subcontinent, your candidates may expect you to provide a job for their young children as well.

Terri Morrison is a popular speaker, author, and president of Getting Through Customs, the leading web-based training and software firm for international business travelers. Contact Terri directly at TerriMorrison@getcustoms.com. For information on Getting Through Customs' books, database and seminars, visit www.getcustoms.com, call 610-725-1040, or fax: 800-529-8167.


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