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Tantric Travel Log:  
How Ganesha Wins the Mango


Each stone, wood, or metal statue in India has its respective mythology. India is thus brimming with such magnificent stories. Parables exquisitely designed to distract the mind while piercing the heart with a deeper spiritual teaching. Christ and Buddha both taught with the use of parables.

While traveling, I observed a cartoon-like quality characterized many aspects of daily life:

  • Expensive and colorful silk sari's dragging through mud
  • Complicated healing practices with painful rituals to purify the body
  • Sacred animals choking on plastic trash while vegetarian shepherds go hungry
  • Paying only pennies for obscene and overwhelming amounts of flavorful food while lepers and beggars faint from hunger at the steps of our restaurant

I also witnessed many obstacles worthy of Ganesha's removal:

  • Thick, debilitating smog from industry and traffic
  • Deafening marching-band-like music in otherwise peaceful temples
  • Long, slow waits for any and all administrative transactions
  • Unspeakable kitchen and bathroom conditions
  • And of course, the devastating poverty and illness abound

I wish this type of travel only on the very brave or the very naive. Ultimately, the biggest lesson I learned from Ganesha is that the mind is the greatest obstacle. Instead of traveling all around the world in search of knowledge and enlightenment, I can sit still and experience that the divine gift of who I am is eternally here now.

Kamala Devi is a mind-body-spirit coach for individuals seeking success and self realization. If you'd like to schedule a complimentary one- hour introduction to coaching session please call 858-272-2254 or if would like to be informed when her novel, "Don't Drink the Punch" is available for purchase, please write playartist@san.rr.com or see www.blisscoach.com.

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