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Lao Tzu Illustration Taoism - Ageless Wisdom for A Modern World (continued)

It may be here that Taoism exhibits its greatest appeal for not only does it represent a way of harmony and balance, its Way is one of naturalness and simplicity!

Taoism states that all life forces tend to move toward harmony and balance because it is in their nature to do so. From the Taoist viewpoint we, as humans, have the choice of consciously aligning ourselves with the Way, or remaining in ignorance and resisting the natural order of the Tao. To choose the latter means to remain disconnected from our own personal processes, our own Tao, as well as life's grand flow. Taoist teachings are intended to be utilized as a guide to daily living. Their greatest value lies in their ability to direct us toward our own process of self-exploration, growth, and transformation which connects us deeply to ourselves and to the world around us.

The writings of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu provide us with excellent counsel on how to achieve this state of connectedness, harmony and balance, union with the Tao. In future articles we will study four main concepts of Taoist thought and how we might apply these to our daily lives.

Ted Kardash is the Assistant Director of the Taoist Sanctuary of San Diego where he teaches classes in Tai Chi Chuan and Taoist Philosophy. He is also a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor with a private practice in the San Diego area.

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