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Playing with the Dao:
A "Pragmatic" Strategic View

Understanding the Dao

To understand the basic interaction Dao, reading and recognizing the "Yin and Yang" forces becomes the immediate priority. Before it can ever be read and recognized, you must first master the action of stillness.

"To overcome the intelligent by intelligence, however, is a matter of opportunity. There are three avenues of opportunity: events, trends, and conditions."   --- Zhuge Liang

The Dao is about continuous change and that there is no approach to completely control the Dao. You can only read, recognize, and synchronize with it for a chosen seasonal cycle. Through a constant and conscious interplay with the Dao, you learn how to achieve the "right feel for the right time at the right place" while determining the critical path for completing that venture.

Comprehending the process regarding the settings that are around you and their relationship to the macro picture is what counts. Accepting the macro principles of the Dao allows you to operate and complete your venture with maximum efficiency regardless of the influence(s) around you.

When you can focus on the current affairs of the moment, only then can you concentrate on what matters most!

"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function."  
--- F. Scott Fitzgerald

When dealing with scenarios of uncertainty, the pragmatic strategic player of the Dao focuses only on cyclical analysis and recognition based on their understanding (and recognition) of how things operate and not what the thing is all about. Through cyclical recognition, you understand the importance of the timing and the momentum within various shifts and changes.


The following is a partial listing of the heuristic principles for aligning with the Dao:

  • The Dao is a macro space consisting of numerous loosely connected components: Strategy is the Dao. Boxing (martial arts) is the Dao. Everything is the Dao

  • The "Seasonal" Cycle: During good times, you must be conservative, totally focused, and not expand beyond your means. Good and bad times can never last forever. Things always come in cycles. Understanding and following the significant macro cycle properly allows you to master the attribute of timing and momentum for that macro scenario

  • "Focus on the Familiar" #1: Proper establishment of internal stillness allows you to pay attention to the familiar

  • "Focus on the Familiar" #2: "Focus solely on how the world works as opposed to what is the world about before executing any strategic move"

  • The Integration of Yin and Yang: The forces of Yin and Yang complement each other. For every Yang-driven scenario, there's a Yin-driven scenario hidden behind it and vice-versa

  • Opposite Polarity: You should always effortlessly counter an opposing force with a force of opposite polarity (either directly or indirectly)

  • Existing with the Dao: Logic is a tool that justifies your existence

  • Playing with the Dao #1: Playing with the Dao allows you to align with it for a particular season that gives you a momentary advantage. Concurrently, also focus on securing the maximum results that would give you the best position for the next cycle

  • Playing with the Dao #2: Dissolving, deflecting, and absorbing the forces of Yin and Yang is the trademark of someone who has understood how to play with the Dao. That action derives from your approach of adopting, adjusting, and aligning with the Dao. Those who do not align with the Dao pay the conclusive price of failure. In the long run the forces of the Dao always prevail over the abilities of animals, machines, and man

  • Playing with the Dao #3: Always regard the macro (and micro) cause-and-effect process within each continuous cycle

  • Aligning with the Dao #1: There is a great difference between knowing the Dao and aligning with the Dao

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