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The Tao of Becoming a Strategist
The Basics of Becoming a Strategist

This article is dedicated to all those great minds that have contributed to the art and science of strategy.

The following is an "abridged" transcript of a 60-minute "Questions and Answers" session on the basics of being a strategist between two associates and myself.

This article is designed to be an overture to those who are interested in the art and science of Sun Tzu's strategic principles.

Q:   What does it take to be a proficient strategist in this world?
A:   Always strive to win the war before the first battle is fought. (Sun Tzu)

Q:   How do you do that?
A:   Always prepare and operate under a guise of secrecy.

Q:   What are the most important attributes in being a competitive strategist?
A:   Understand the importance of timed execution. Understand the importance of knowing how to use both large and small forces. Understand the importance of having the team united in purpose. Understand the importance of being prudent and wait for an enemy who is not ready, and finally the importance of not being interfered by the client.

Always know the following: The disposition and power of your opposition, when and how to advance and withdraw, how empty or how full your opposition is, the timing state of your surroundings, human affairs, and the features of the terrain. Only then one can be competitive as a strategist.

Q:   What are your favorite interpretations of Sun Tzu's The Art of War?
A:   My favorite translations of Sun Tzu's Art of War (AOW) are the following:


Q:   What book(s) should I read first?
A:   If your interest is in business, my favorites are Sun Tzu and The Art of Business by Mark McNeilly and The Art of War for Executives by Donald G. Krause.


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