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Book Cover of A Woman's Qigong Guide

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to relax, to focus only on yourself, to truly enjoy your body? Although there are so many demands on your time and energy, you cannot forget to take care of yourself: physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Qigong is the simple and natural way to ensure that these needs are met. Combining gentle movements with centuries-old meditation techniques, Qigong is the perfect holistic fitness practice for the busy woman who has only a few minutes to herself in the car, at lunch, or just before falling asleep at night.

Yanling Lee Johnson, a survivor of China's Cultural Revolution and a long-time Qigong healer and practitioner, addresses the stresses that women of all stages of life face, as they negotiate modern living. Let her teach you simple techniques for maintaining balanced health.

  • Practical instruction for specific exercises, herbal remedies & diet
  • Heal injuries and illnesses within yourself
  • Special instructions for mothers and their babies
  • Tips for weight loss, depression, & staying young and beautiful

A Woman's Qigong Guide is an authoritative and valuable guide on the major principles and practices of Qigong and a must read for any women who seeks to cultivate and benefit from this wisdom in her daily life.

- Gunther M. Weil, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Founding Chairman, National Qigong Association (NQA)

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Book Cover of A Woman's Qigong Guide

A Woman's Qigong Guide

Empowerment Through Movement, Diet, and Herbs

Yanling Lee Johnson
168 pages
12 illustrations
6" x 9"
ISBN 1-886969-83-3.

B045/833 • Price $16.95


About Yanling Johnson

Photo of Yanling Lee Johnson

Born in Beijing, China, November 1944, Yanling first became interested in Herbs and Qigong at the age of three, watching her uncle treat his patients using herbs and Acupuncture. Her whole childhood, in fact, was spent in the Chinese Qigong community, bearing witness to people around her using Qigong and herbs to heal their internal and external illness, all the while reading and practicing on her own.

Under Chairman Mao's oppressive regime and subsequent Cultural Revolution, when many activities, particularly for women were severely curtailed, she buried herself deeper into her studies, learning from such Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medical luminaries as Grand Tibetan Buddhist Wang Zi-Shen, Grand Master Dr. Xu Ming-Tang and Grand Master Dr. Liu Dong.

After coming to the United States, she saw the incomplete state of information concerning Qigong and Herbal Medicine. This inspired her research even further, translating both ancient and modern Chinese documents (thanks to more open policies with China), as well as writing her own books. It is Yanling's wish to "teach women of all cultures about their inner power... the potential that you have and the potential that you have yet to explore... to create a healthier physical and emotional life, and promote spiritual growth."

Yanling currently lives in Corvallis, Oregon.


  • Bachelor of Arts (English), Beijing Teachers College

  • Master of Arts (Language Arts), Oregon State University


  • Vice President, Qigong Association of America 1991- Present

  • Instructor of Qigong, Oregon State University 1992- Present

  • Main Speaker, National Qigong Association, National Convention, 1997

  • Main Speaker, National Qigong Association, National Convention, 1998

  • Main Speaker, Spanish National Qigong Conference, 1998 

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