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Rabbit Picture 1999 - Year of the Rabbit

According to the Chinese zodiac, 1999 (beginning on February 16th according to the lunar calendar) has characteristics much like the Rabbit described on our home page. After the tumultuous and seemingly never-ending Year of the Tiger, this peaceful year gives welcome relief to all. Less energy is required overall as persuasion is used over force and diplomacy and world relations take the forefront.

Problems are smaller though we tend to overindulge. After the tough Year of the Tiger, our tendency is to relax, enjoy ourselves, and avoid unpleasantness and disagreeable tasks. This easier time also brings money without expending as much energy. While this year's theme is leisure, enjoy this time but do not neglect your duties and responsibilities. Rest now because the year 2000, the Year of the Dragon, begins a new millenium and an electric time of extreme ups and downs.

The Chinese Zodiac

Chinese legend states that thousands of years ago, Buddha sent out a summons to all the animals in the kingdom. Only twelve animals answered this call. As a reward, Buddha endowed each animal with a year of its own in the order of arrival. From then on, each year of the Chinese calendar bore the characteristics of the animal of that name. (See article on the Chinese Zodiac.)

Using the Chinese zodiac, judge for yourself if the following characteristics describe yourself or your friends. First, find your animal by the date of your birth with the chart below. (If you are born from mid-January to mid-February, you will need to find out the date of the Chinese New Year for the year in which you were born as this changes each year in the lunar calendar. See the end of this article for suggested sources.)

If your year is not listed below, keep adding or subtracting twelve to the year of your birth until you match one of the years listed.

Rat 1960 1972 1984 1996   Horse 1966 1978 1990  
Ox 1961 1973 1985 1997   Sheep 1967 1979 1991  
Tiger 1962 1974 1986 1998   Monkey 1968 1980 1992  
Rabbit 1963 1975 1987 1999   Rooster 1969 1981 1993  
Dragon 1964 1976 1988     Dog 1970 1982 1994  
Snake 1965 1977 1989     Pig 1971 1983 1995  

Next check below for what you and your friends can expect for your sign in the Year of the Rabbit:

Rat:   Energetic, creative, charming, ambitious (to an extreme), alluring, inquisitive, witty, honest, thrifty but taken in by bargains, hard-working, generous to friends, bright, happy, sociable. Can be over-critical, manipulative, small-minded, and gossipy. Good as a publicist, salesperson, writer, or critic.
Past Rats:   Shakespeare, Mozart, Churchill, Washington, Tolstoy, Mozart, Jules Verne, Marlon Brando, Adlai Stevenson.
Compatibility:   Dragons, Monkeys, not with Horses.
In 1999:   A peaceful year but watch spending and beware of miscommunications with family. Expect new contacts at work and new additions to the family.

Ox:   Leader but loner, patient, precise, hard-working, proud, reserved, strong, persistent, conservative, steady, trustworthy, introverted but a commanding and eloquent speaker, naive in relationships. Also vengeful, obstinate, demanding, slow, sore loser, jealous. Good as a surgeon, general, or hairdresser.
Past Oxen:   Hitler, Johnny Carson, Malcolm X, Bill Cosby, Napoleon, Van Gogh, Richard Nixon, Margaret Thatcher.
Compatibility:   Snake or Rooster, not Sheep.
In 1999:   Some unfinished business. May lose money on investments or uncollected debts. Your health is good.

Tiger:   Noble, aggressive, frank, generous, polite, brave, deep, sensitive, leader. Also conceited, undisciplined, stubborn, disobedient, hasty, hot-tempered, argumentative. Good as a boss, explorer, or race-car driver.
Past Tigers:   Evil Knievel, Hugh Hefner, Marco Polo, Mary - Queen of Scots, Dwight Eisenhower, Queen Elizabeth II, Ho Chi Minh.
Compatibility:   Horse, Dog, not Monkey.
In 1999:   Relationships in business and love go well and problems are easily solved.
See 1998 - Year of the Tiger for further information.

Rabbit (or Cat):   Clever, peaceable, prudent, cultivated, gregarious, tactful, sensitive, companionable, virtuous, gifted, articulate, compassionate, luckiest of all signs. Also old-fashioned, devious, unimaginative, touchy, private, squeamish, hypochondriacal. Good as a lawyer, diplomat, or actor.
Past Rabbits:   Harry Belafonte, Queen Victoria, Fidel Castro, George C. Scott, Einstein, Confucius, David Rockefeller, Henry Miller, Benjamin Spock.
Compatibility:   Sheep or Pig, not Rooster.
In 1999:   A good year for career advancements and financial rewards. Plans succeed smoothly. A time for a family celebration.

Dragon:   Astute, conscientious, scrupulous, sentimental, energetic, emotional, healthy, generous, artistic, lucky, successful, influential. Also hasty, anxious, stubborn, willful, loud, irritable, grouchy, exacting. Good as artist, priest, or politician.
Past Dragons:   John Lennon, Al Pacino, Jimmy Connors, Salvador Dali, James Coburn, Joan of Arc, Pearl Buck, Freud, Walter Mondale, Frank Sinatra.
Compatibility:   Monkey or Rat, not Dog.
In 1999:   A more peaceful year than last year in terms of relationships and business affairs. Progress is made in business though you may experience a few minor health problems.

Snake:   Refined, wise, entrancing, accommodating, deep, attractive, amusing, sympathetic, calm, confident, gentle, intuitive. Also lavish, sore loser, possessive, pushy, fickle, lazy, self-critical, vindictive, quick-tempered. Good as a philosopher, instructor, writer, psychiatrist, or prophesier.
Past Snakes:   Carole King, Mao Tse-tung, Edgar Allan Poe, Lincoln.
Compatibility:   Rooster or Ox, not Pig.
In 1999:   A happy but busy year with unfortunately a shortage of time for friends. Money flows in and out quickly.

Horse:   Outgoing, athletic, articulate, sentimental, confident, hard-working, independent. Also unfeeling, selfish, egocentric, hot-tempered, rebellious, unemotional, rude, impatient, pragmatic. Good as an adventurer, scientist, poet, politician.
Past Horses:   Spiro Agnew, Neil Armstrong, Leonard Bernstein, e.e. cummings, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, Jim Croce, Chris Evert, Rembrandt, Chopin, Teddy Roosevelt.
Compatibility:   Tiger or Dog, not a Rat.
In 1999:   A profitable year in investments. A smooth but complicated time, but overall a good year with few problems.

Sheep (or Goat):   Persistent, rational, peace-loving, inventive, adaptable, tasteful. Also pessimistic, discontented, intrusive, unsure, undisciplined, late. Good as an actor, gardener, beachcomber.
Past Sheep:   Mick Jagger, Michelangelo, Valentino, Mark Twain, Orville Wright.
Compatibility:   Pigs, Rabbits, not Ox.
In 1999:   Work and finances progress okay but home life may be rocky. Beware of accidents leading to health problems. However, you will come out ahead in the end.

Monkey:   Analytical, humorous, inventive, skilled in business, independent, clever, magnetic personality. Also opportunistic, conceited, unprincipled, untrustworthy, unfaithful, childish, distrustful. Good in any field.
Past Monkeys:   Elizabeth Taylor, Yul Brynner, Julius Caeser, Leonardo da Vinci, Harry Truman.
Compatibility:   Dragon, Rat, not Tigers.
In 1999:   Unexpected assistance arrives. Peace at home and work. A good time to explore new opportunities.

Rooster:   Lively, candid, resourceful, courageous, generous, adventurous, confident, sincere, talented. Also arrogant, nit-pick, suspicious, braggarts, sermonizing, brazen. Good as a publicist, soldier, world traveler, or restaurant owner.
Past Roosters:   Rudyard Kipling, Caruso, Groucho Marx, Peter Ustinov.
Compatibility:   Snakes, Ox, not Rabbits.
In 1999:   Be careful with investments. A good year to work with others, rather than acting alone.

Dog:   Brave, faithful, generous, intelligent, philosophical, unpretentious. Also guarded, introverted, critical, stubborn, fault-finding, sardonic, pessimistic. Good as a business person, activist, instructor, or secret agent.
Past Dogs:   Pierre Cardin, Norman Mailer, Carol Burnett, Alan Arkin, Elvis, Socrates, Benjamin Franklin, George Gershwin.
Compatibility:   Horse or Tiger, not Dragons.
In 1999:   A good year to start a business or partnership. Problems are minor.

Pig:   Faithful, amiable, scrupulous, charitable, fair, sensitive, peaceful, impartial, sincere. Also defenseless, cynical, obstinate, insecure, gullible. Good as an entertainer, or lawyer.
Past Pigs:   Al Capone, Henry Kissinger, Woody Allen, Diahann Carroll, Ernest Hemingway.
Compatibility:   Rabbit or Sheep, not Snake or other Pigs.
In 1999:   Minor progress in all areas. Some financial gains. Peaceful and happy times at home. Abundance of socializing.

The Chinese zodiac can be fun and informative. Whether for amusement or as a tool for self-knowledge or decision-making, the Chinese zodiac can open one's eyes to new ideas and limitless possibilities.

Sources:   For more information on the Chinese zodiac, we recommend the two sources used for this article:   The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Theodora Lau and Susan White's Original Chinese Astrology.

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