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  Tantric Travel Log: How Ganesha Wins the Mango
Many know Ganesha as the god of wisdom or the remover of obstacles. I had previously experienced Ganesha as the only religious icon I can teach to young yoga students in both Catholic and public schools without getting in trouble because his physical appearance is so absurd that the authorities couldn't see a cartoon character threatening to their religion.
  Daruma: The Story Behind a Japanese Doll
A few days before my thirty-first birthday, I had lunch at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park in San Diego. While browsing in the gift shop, I noticed an intriguing little wooden doll. It came in different sizes, but each one was roly-poly in shape and red in color, with no arms or legs. The doll had a fierce face with a black beard. I found it unusual that the whites of the eyes on the face had no pupils.

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