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Table of Contents 

2017 - Year of the Fire Rooster: A Blend of Honor, Justness, Exaggeration, and Strategical Proficiency
What can you expect from the Year of the Rooster (year 4715 in the Chinese lunar calendar)? This year will be dominated by the orientation towards progress, honor and maximum integrity, and people learning to temper their zest. This is the year when you will need to work hard as you patiently achieve your goals.

The Animal That Hides in Your Heart: Your Animal Sign
According to the Chinese, the animal ruling the year of your birth has a profound influence on your personality (that is, this is the animal that hides in your heart.) Check here for what you can expect for each sign's characteristics, recommended career, compatibility, and predictions for the Year of the Fire Rooster.

Grandma's Kitchen: Asian New Year's Recipes
No New Year is complete without spending time sharing food with family and friends. Here are some special Asian New Year food recipes that you can share with your family and friends as well. Enjoy!

Celebrate Around the World!
Come join us as we explore the many holidays celebrated in Asian countries in January, February, and March!

Jade Dragon Picks
See our latest picks! Gifts for your friends and family, as well as yourself. These gifts may very well change your life!

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