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Table of Contents 

Business in Asia – A User’s Guide
Have you thought of extending your business into Asia, or even of just visiting on vacation? For many this desire is never fulfilled because of the feeling that it is all too far away. For others, one bad experience has put them off from dealing with Asia permanently. Often, even for people of Asian ancestry, the Orient is still a mystical and unknown place. Although economic news of Japan and China is frequently reported in the U.S. media, there is still much ignorance surrounding Asia as a whole.

Ginger Root, A Panacea for Good Health
If there were a panacea in good health, I believe it would have to be the humble ginger root. Ginger is called Vishabhesaj in Ayurveda, which Ayurvedic physician Dr. Lad translates as "universal medicine." That is both because of its wide applicability, its common use in medicine and kitchen, and its value for promotion of health.

Celebrate Around the World!
Come join us as we explore the many holidays celebrated in Asian countries in April, May, and June!

Jade Dragon Picks
See our latest picks! Gifts for your friends and family, as well as yourself. These gifts may very well change your life!

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