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Playing the Global Game

Due to the Internet and other avenues of information technology, the world has gotten quite smaller and chaotic (compressed and stressed). The global marketplace has dramatically changed. Most of our world is so technologically connected that information access and person-to-person contact are almost guaranteed. For economic reasons, manufacturing and other "middle-to-lower-tier" services are now being moved and performed at other global regions. Regional-based companies are now forced to desperately shift toward an "international marketplace" perspective in order to survive. Concurrently, business regions are quietly combatting each other for new industries. It also seems that the virtual workspace is now pervasive. No longer are the regional and local-based strategic approaches functional enough for a global marketplace. The target setting of the marketplace is now "global." What should the "old school" strategist do?"

"The problems, which exist in the world, cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them."   --- Albert Einstein

My response is "Think globally! Examine your future from a long view. And become the 21st Century Strategist."

"Creativity is seeing what everyone sees and thinking what no one has ever thought." --- Albert Einstein

Who is the 21st Century Strategist?

The 21st century strategist is someone who creatively strategizes and operates from a pervasive setting and encompasses a global view. He/she not only understands how to compete in the global marketplace, but also realizes what "global competitiveness" is.

"The ability to produce high value-added, high quality bundled goods and services capable of earning hard currency in international markets. That is what global competitiveness is."   --- Dr. Phil Vos Fellman

To thrive in this ever-changing global marketplace, the perspective of developing products and services that adds value to the specific customer base is significantly important. Anything less is a disappointment.

In this global marketplace, the intensity and impact between two major global businesses regions is similar to that of a total war. Where the outcome not only devastates the economic state of the losing region, it can also destroy the lives of the innocent people who are linked to that locality. This perspective must be fully understood or else the consequences might even engulf him or her too.

"Shanchang ru shachang" (the [shape of the] marketplace resembles the (shape of a) battlefield.   --- Popular Chinese business quote

The 21st century strategist is now the global strategist.

Maintaining the "Consummate" Perspective

For any business executive to be strategically competitive in this new marketplace, any formulated moves must now be global-driven. He or she must scrutinize the macro and micro "cause and effect" of each strategic move.

By maintaining a view on the steady incremental flow of micro trends and having the "grand view of things," the "attentive and smart" strategist can see how a change of events can create a massive impact throughout an organization or a regional area, and also transform the landscape of the marketplace with positive and negative impressions.

"Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril."   --- Sunzi (Sun Tzu)

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