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Profile:   Sifu Share K. Lew   (continued)

For all of his skills and abilities, Sifu is not a remote, mystical figure, but an accessible and vital man, moving smoothly with a vigor and energy that people in their 20s and 30s envy and try to emulate. In his classes he emphasizes sensitivity to one's own comfort, breathing and rhythm. He teaches the principles of the natural Taoist way: feeling, understanding, and describing one's own experiences.

I can personally testify to the effectiveness of Sifu Lew's skills. Shortly after I began studying with him in New York, I had an accident late one snowy evening. A large 8-foot mirror came loose from the wall cutting my leg to the bone and severing the Achilles tendon.

I was living in an area new to me, with no personal physician. I clearly remember the shock and the knowledge that mending would involve surgery, extensive rehabilitation. My knowledge of Western medicine was that a severed Achille's tendon would never completely heal. I remember the relief I felt when Sifu's name was suggested. We called Sifu who said to come right over so we then drove the forty miles from Long Island to New York City, arriving close to midnight.

"Hmm, very deep, just like a sword cut. Let's see," were his comments. Shortly thereafter, he said, "No problem," and the toes were able to twitch! Sifu used the Gee Liao, packed the wound with herbs, and monitored it for several days. Within a few days, I was on crutches. Miraculously I now walk without a limp, and there is only a small scar.
So at Sifu's 75th birthday celebration, I stood up to applaud and honor Sifu. I was able to stand on my own two feet. And there was still another reason to be grateful. Standing beside me was my mother, 65, a registered nurse who was diagnosed with cancer in 1983, and now is cancer-free. She studied the Tao Ahn Pai Shen, and credits her health and very life to nutrition, visualization - and Sifu Lew. It is truly a privilege to honor him.

Sifu Share K. Lew, a youthful 80, is a healer and Taoist priest with over sixty years experience in Taoist healing arts. He teaches the Tao Ahn Pai Shen from time to time at Esalen Institute at Big Sur, California. The Shen are twelve nui gung exercises whose primary purpose is self-healing. These rare exercises also develop better concentration, increased visual and auditory acuity and enhance sensitivity to one's self and others. Anyone can learn these gentle meditative exercises. For further information and health appointments, you may reach Sifu Lew at sharelew@netscape.net.

The author, Ayleyaell Amy Kinder, is a Rubenfeld Synergist and Certified SHEN Practitioner. She has a private practice in San Diego specializing in releasing the effects of physical and emotional pain. She may be reached at (619) 584-1077 or e-mail: SHENworks@gmail.com..

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