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Khmer Martial Arts: The Current Situation of Cambodia's Ancient Fighting Arts
Cambodia has a number of martial arts, which are only now being discovered and catalogued by westerners. The arts were almost completely eliminated during the Khmer Rouge period, when many of the masters were killed. The arts were also prohibited, under pain of death, during the Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia. After nearly two decades of decay and destruction, many Khmers are working hard to rebuild this martial tradition.  
  An Overview of Martial Arts: Part 1 and Part 2
Join us as we explore the various systems of martial arts, beginning with the Chinese systems.
  Profile: Sifu Share K. Lew
Meet Sifu Lew, the first to openly teach the internal cultivation (chi gung) to non-Chinese in the United States.
Roots of Martial Arts
Discover the history of martial arts from its believed roots in the Mesopotamia to its spread to India, China, and the other Asian countries.
  Police Martial Arts
A "Police Martial Art" is a system of martial arts-based methods intended to be used by a person with lawful authority and justification to use force to arrest and restrain another person. A person who has a lawful obligation to "cause the peace to be kept."
  The History of Kung Fu San Soo
Kung Fu San Soo is a fighting system based on biological and physical principles that were researched and developed over a period of of more than 2,000 years.
  Dragon Style Kung Fu
Dragon Style Kung Fu is famous for its handwork. The heart of the system is a set called mor kiu or "magical arms."
  100 Years of Fighting Films
We continue our exploration of the fascinating styles of martial arts, this time focusing on martial arts in the movies and television.
  Aikido A Modern Japanese Martial Art Practiced in a Traditional Way
Aikido is stimulating physically, mentally, and spiritually, and it is definitely a great workout.
  Chi and the Martial Arts
The most beneficial health gains offered from the martial arts come in the form of chi development. True health comes from a harmonious union of mind and body.
  Why Hit Something That Can't Hit Back?
Proper board-breaking practice increases self-defense skills, as well as concentration, confidence, and discipline.
  The Art of Arnis
Originating in 8th century A.D. in the Philippines, Arnis De Mano is still practiced worldwide - over a thousand years later.
  Wing Chun
Wing Chun has become one of the most popular and sought after Kung Fu systems in the world today.
Grandma Was a Shaolin Monk
Grandma had told me, “No matter where you go or what you do, no matter how far you ride that horse, you will always be you. You are wonderful and I love you just the way you are.” Later I traveled to Taiwan and China, only to get the same message from Shaolin monks.
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