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Nei Kung Chi Liao-Tao Internal Energy Diagnosis & Healing (Medical Chi Kung – Acupuncture Without Needles)

An Introduction to Healing Ourselves and Others

by Jeff Nagel, MA, L.Ac.

Part 3

One may question what if anything can happen without physically touching the patient. We all take for granted the tremendous power of natureís forces and unseen energies. The sun, 93 million miles away, radiates the necessary energy to give our planet life, while the moon, a quarter of a million miles away regulates various cycles including the tides of our oceans. Many animals can navigate thousands of miles with great precision by sending and receiving invisible signals of sonar-like energies. If someone knows how to radiate the life force itís not necessary to actually touch another in order to bring about healing change. Modern day research is showing that the emission of human chi can be measured and is thought to be a type of electromagnetic wave in and around the infrared spectrum. This means that chi is probably invisible and can produce temperature changes.

The healing art of NKCL primarily uses the jing-well points to perceive the chi of the 12 superficial meridians and the anatomical location of the viscera to totally check the state of all the body's organs without physical touch. This is known as the Finger-Toe, Organ-Meridian Diagnosis. First the practitioner "feels" the chi of all the meridians and then the organs one by one, sensitivity being enhanced through the daily practice of Shen Kung. Next, many different principles of Taoist-Style Chinese Medicine are applied to formulate an overall health assessment of body-mind-spirit. In some ways it is similar to deriving a diagnosis from the more familiar pulse-taking method, however, here we are more directly experiencing someone elseís chi closer to the source. In general, the 12 different diagnostic qualities of the chi relate to yin-yang, the 8 Trigrams/Ba Gua, and the 5 Phases.

Taoist-Style Medical Chi Kung, following the Tai Chi Tu principles, states that diagnosis is treatment and treatment is diagnosis. This means that when using either method, its opposite is also simultaneously being applied. Once the assessment is complete, the balancing of the 12 organ meridians begins. The practitioner transmits energy in and draws it out accordingly, following the concepts of yin-yang balance and allowing the natural harmonies of the mind-body to realign and flow freely. This style advocates that whenever energy is taken out a lesser amount is also put back in and vice-versa, thereby maintaining the balance effect. One must then know how to change both the quality and quantity of their chi in order to emit healing energies, that is, a warming or cooling effect, strengthening or calming, changing the direction of the chi flow, and so forth.

NKCL excels in addressing pain, internal conditions and harmonizing the heart-mind-spirit. Thus acupuncture without needles and without touch can basically be used to treat many of the same conditions that classical acupuncture does. Nowadays it is gaining a reputation in treating some life-threatening diseases, including cancer and AIDS.

In the more advanced methods of balancing the 8 Psychic Meridians or reservoirs of the life force, more profound and deeper effects are usually noticed by both the giver and receiver through this yin-yang polarity connection. After all, energy flows in a circuit. In the hands of a master, NKCL can elicit a profound state of deep relaxation and meditative awareness. This provides the nervous system with the ability to experience greater coherence, allowing for higher states of consciousness. Beyond this, there are also other methods to harmonize the 9 Tan Tien (chakras) and the 27 zones of Ying Guo (karma) in the body which houses the so called death hormone, sometimes translated as "fear."

Now hereís a practical chi kung healing application you can use as long as you feel your chi is strong enough. If someone feels faint, is going into shock, is experiencing unusual trauma, or is just plain out of sorts, you can do the following:

  1. Polarize their middle finger, the pericardium channel, simply by holding it with your hand. For women, hold their right middle finger, for men their left.
  2. Place your other hand palm down lightly on the crown of their head at the Bai Hui point/GV 20-The 10,000 Meeting Places. This will prevent the Shen chi from exiting the body.
  3. Continue by using "push-down breathing," which will revive or calm down and balance the life force as needed. Quite simply, just place your tongue flat and keep it on the bottom of your mouth, breathing in the nose and out the mouth silently. As you inhale, relax your abdomen and slightly pull it in. On the exhale, gently push your abdomen out and make it moderately firm. Continue until the receiver feels better.
  4. Be sure to thoroughly shake your body out, especially your hands and arms so you do not feel any lingering, undesirable residue after finishing this technique.

As you can see, Taoist Internal Energy Diagnosis and Healing is as profound as it is simple, as is the Tao! Everything we need in order to practice this art is already within us; only the right direction is required. To attain total health and well being, you can practice Shen Kung for yourself. To help others, you can offer Nei Kung Chi Liao. In closing, the Taoist-Style believes that which you do for yourself is infinitely more empowering and, in the long run, much faster than that which someone else does to you or for you.

Sources of knowledge include my own personal experiences gleaned through years of private practice as well as study with various Taoist Masters and doctors especially Grand Master Share K. Lew.

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© 1999, 2000 by Jeff Nagel, MA, L.Ac.

Biography of the author:

Jeff Nagel, MA, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., (CA., HI.), trained in the 8 Branches of Chinese Taoist Healing and Internal Martial Arts since 1969, is an experienced practitioner/accomplished teacher of acupuncture-Oriental Medicine and a Feng Shui consultant. Jeff is a respected senior student of several well-known masters and doctors, including Taoist Grand Master Share K. Lew, Nobu Asano and Richard Tan. He has taught in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, South America and Bali. At present, he teaches a professional study group on acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, as well as Taoist Medical Chi Kung and CEU classes in various cities.

His articles have appeared in various professional journals of acupuncture-Oriental Medicine and Natural Healing Arts magazines. See AAOM journals for his article series. Jeff will also be teaching at the NW Regional Oriental Medicine and American Assoc. of Oriental Medicine conferences.

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