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"Lazy Man's" Yoga: Thai Yoga Therapy Provides All the Benefits of Yoga
In “lazy man’s” yoga the recipient is passively placed by the therapist into a variety of yoga-like stretches. Therapists will use their legs, arms, feet, and hands to apply firm rhythmic pressure to almost every part of the recipient’s body. Since the recipient is relaxed and encouraged to breathe deeply as they are stretched they usually can go deeper into the massage poses and benefit from increased flexibility and mobility. The results are often longer lasting than regular massages. 

An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
"Kundalini Yoga classes are a dynamic blend of postures, pranayam, mantra, music and meditation, which teach you the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation. Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul. No previous experience in Yoga is required for you to achieve results with your very first class." Yogi Bhajan

The Secret Goal of Yoga
What is the secret goal of yoga? Perhaps, you already know what that is. Reflect for a moment. After all isn't all knowledge 'hanging' somewhere in some collective consciousness? Often learning is remembering or recognizing something distantly familiar.

Progressive Relaxation Yoga
Learn Poorna Sava Santi Asana or the Complete Corpse Pose of Peace. In the process you become so relaxed and free of cares that you resemble a corpse. You are no longer a part of this physical world. Your body is so heavy it becomes light as a feather. In Sufism it is suggested that when you do this pose you should adopt the attitude of a dead person whose funeral has just ended and all the mourners have gone. Alone before God, in that moment, nothing else matters.

Yoga Experiences from the Inside Out
My yoga story began in my early thirties, almost 20 years after having spinal fusion surgery on my lower back. I had been pain free for many years after the back surgery, but the aging process and misalignment in my body structure started taking its toll. Some mornings even getting out of bed seemed daunting as my joints, especially in my lower back, creaked and groaned. I felt stiff and achy most of the time—and the chronic pain I held in my body caused almost constant exhaustion, lack of energy, and depression. Although I knew I should be grateful for the many pain-free years I had enjoyed, the current quality of my daily life was very poor and limited.

Yoga Alive and Well in the West
Today here in southern California, and indeed throughout most of the United States, the practice of yoga is enjoying immense popularity. The benefits of yoga practice can be felt immediately and grow over time, and the enhancement of well-being can be truly profound on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

Finding Bliss Through Yoga
Yoga has been a healing practice for so many people over thousands of years and yet it has been undiscovered by so many people who clearly need it. Depression, obesity, and stress are the biggest killers in the Western world, though people are kept mostly in the dark about preventative medicine. Yoga, especially Bliss yoga, is a profoundly healing art that helps to abate the causes and effects of stress and aids in the balancing of weight and anxiety.

Taoist Yoga: Merging Two Ancient Healing Traditions
Taoist yoga is a system of stretching and movement exercises that coordinates our breathing with certain postures and movements. Although it is based on some ancient and complex exercises from Hatha yoga and Tai Chi traditions, it is in fact a very simple system that can be practiced by any person regardless of age, size, ability, or health.

Yoga as Preparation for Death and Dying
Bardo, highlighted in the Tibetan Book of the Dead as the intermediate step between life and death, is experienced in near-death experiences as well, and therefore ties into the brain chemical discussion about yoga we had earlier, as your body reacts to the situation with a rushing release of chemicals, producing trance, psychedelic dream state, or enlightenment awareness. Yoga is a way for the individual to safely reach and practice for the bardo of death and transformation, without going anywhere or doing anything.

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