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8 Trigrams

Trigram Chinese Name English Transliteration Meaning Graphic Symbol Family Relationship (Polarity)
ch'ien ch'ien the creative spirit, creative or fertilising seed, stength, circular heaven father
(mature yang)
chen chen the arousing coming into manifestation, sudden movement thunder eldest son
(immature yang)
kan k'an the abysmal generally misfortune (spirit (middle yang line)  trapped in matter (two yin lines) water, the moon middle son
(immature yang)
ken ken keeping still resting, inert mountain youngest son
(immature yang)
k'un k'un the receptive receptivity, vessel, matter, devoted, yielding, square earth mother
(mature yin)
sun sun the gentle penetrationg wind, wood eldest daughter
(immature yin)
li li the clinging light-giving, also clinging (spirit on either side of matter) fire, teh sun middle daughter
(immature yin)
tui tui the joyous joyful lake, body of water   youngest daughter
(immature yin)
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