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Jiang Taigong:   The Supreme Strategist



Six Strategic Teachings
by Ralph D. Sawyer

To those who are interested in securing this book, I recommend an English translation of this copy written by Dr. Ralph S. Sawyer.

Writer's notes:
Dr. Sawyer translation of this classic [Six Strategic Teachings] is quite good due to its succinctness in explaining the ideas.

You can also find Jiang's essay in Dr. Sawyer's other book [Seven Military Classics of Ancient China (Wujing Qishu)]. This writer believes that it's a good book for those who are interested in the Chinese perspective of "Strategy and Leadership." As someone used to remind me: "A good item for the budding strategist to have for a lifetime." From reading Seven Military Classics, you can find many technical parallels between Jiang Tai Gong's ideas and other ancient Chinese strategic thinkers such as Sunzi, Sunbin, and Wuzi.

I conclude that there are no supreme schools of strategic thoughts, just supreme implementers of those strategic thoughts.

The Essence of War:   Leadership and Strategy from the Chinese Military Classics
by Ralph D. Sawyer

This book possesses an excellent compilation of quotes from Dr. Sawyer's translation of the Seven Martial Classics and Sun Bin's Military Methods. It is comprehensive and well organized for the novice and advanced strategists.

This compilation introduces to the reader the core principles of Chinese military science, grouping selected passages and key quotations into five thematic sections encompassing forty-one topical chapters, including Fundamentals, Dao (or Tao) of Warfare, Dao of Command, Tactical Essentials, and Tactical Specifics. It also has a concise introduction to the Chinese strategic thought and influential materials not only of traditional import, but also for contemporary study and enduring value in both business and military circles throughout the world.

From reading this book, you can see the many parallels of strategic thoughts between Jiang Tai Gong and other strategic thinkers like Sunzi, Sunbin, Wuzi, and others.

The selected passages and key quotations for each section are from his books, The Seven Military Classics Of Ancient China (History and Warfare) and The Art of War: Sun Zi's Military Methods (Translations from the Asian Classics) .

I consider the above book as a good "comprehensive" reference for the armchair quarterback and desktop general on the run.

Six Strategies for War

For those who are text reading-challenged and need an uncomplicated interpretation of Jiang's essay, I suggest the following pictorial-based copy from Asianpac Books.

Jiang Taigong:   The Supreme Strategist (Part 1)

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